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10 November 2010 @ 02:26 am
LL's Kinect First Impression  
Just my first personal impression when I witness and tried out Microsoft's X360 Kinect at Best Buy today (when I went to buy Scott Pilgrim vs The World... loved the movie too)!

First off, before I talk about my experience.. I was wearing a jacket with a hood.. and you know how Microsoft says not to wear too many clothes... well here's what happened.

I. Getting Kinect to Recognize LL
To get the Kinect to "scan and detect you", all you do is just wave at it.
Yup that's it! You just stand and wave, and it detected my whole body and motion pretty quickly (after it tells you to wave your hand to the left and right a few times).

After that, you'll see yourself in a small silhouette at the bottom right corner in a small box. Obviously, you can tell I'm wearing a heavy jacket with a hood since that's exactly how it is resembled in the silhouette.

II. Trying out the X360 UI with Kinect
After that, I decided to try messing around with that X360 menus and blades UI (whatever its called).

It was AWESOME! It felt like the future, like you see in movies, where people use their hand(s) to switch pages or choose something.

Basically I just wave my hand (depending on the direction) and it'll switch page or whatever.

Putting my hand on, let's say, Achievement will open up the Achievement menu showing all the Achievements that is saved in that X360.

It seems to be two ways for it to detect if you choose:
1- Keep your hand for 2-3 seconds and it'll know you choose that icon/menu/button.
2- Do like a small wax-on hand-movement and it'll know you chose that.

Only game they had was some aerobic and dance game.. which there was no way in hell I would attempt especially in a place like Best Buy.

III. First Impressions
Considering the short amount of time I spent with Kinect, it was pretty cool.
I loved how it felt like the future since you use your hands to fully control the menu (very accurately too).

The silhouette of myself at the bottom shows exactly the motions I do and stuff too which is pretty cool since it is pretty much like a camera.

Too bad I didn't have a chance to test any games though.. would be fun to see how accurate Kinect is for games.

Overall, it isn't bad at all.. but I wouldn't get it just because of this "cool factor" until something big happens which would make me want to get one.
Jabaxarojabaxaro on November 10th, 2010 12:59 pm (UTC)
Quite interesting impression you have given there...

I personally don't own an Xbox so Kinect could interest me a lot less, I do however notice a trend in the responses towards the Kinect itself.

It seems since the announcement/previews/demos all we could hear was complaints and supposedly broken concepts, but now I seem to be reading more fair judgment towards it.

The thing that rose my eyebrow from another review was the fact it apparently still works really well in almost absolute darkness.

I could have tried it in my local gamestop but really I wasn't up for it and some other kids were playin' around with it... I just wanted to grab my copy of ToS2 and leave as quickly as possible to play it :)

Cheers, I'll be continue following