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15 February 2011 @ 12:20 am
What a month...  
Wow lots of stuff happened this month, its crazy.. and with this week coming, its even more crazier!

First, I met Janice I knew since middle school in Sugar Land (had a crush too) who came back from New York for a while. Talked to her for a while, tried to ask her out for lunch or dinner but she was too busy (hence the purpose of her coming back to Houston).

What's surprising is that I still got a crush on her after over 10 years since our Class of 97 graduation. Wished I was able to get her know more, but sadly she wasn't able to stay too long and is probably back in New York by now.

Funny though, while I know lots of girls, its rare for me to actually be really interested in one (in terms of serious relationship)... and she was the first too.

And no, she isn't married yet.

Lots of money spent this month too.. bleh.. get my car fixed, bills, paying for stuff for work.. lots of games...

Speaking of games... wow.. today (after I get home from work) Marvel vs Capcom 3 marathon! Wednesday, Neptune Marathon! Thursday.. the game we all been waiting for... CATHERINE!

Got me a new PS3 360gig one! My old one is out of hdrive space 10gig out of 60gig left.. so I figured I get a new PS3. Yes, I know I could've swap my hard-drive but there is a good reason!

Now I can use my old PS3 for my downstairs TV as a blu-ray/dvd/Netflix console!

Last, Happy (the puppy) is really... uh.. Happy. She loves jumping around and licking people. Hates to be alone or she'll start crying. Happy got spayed too (but it doesn't seem to affect her happiness for us).
Jabaxarojabaxaro on February 15th, 2011 09:40 am (UTC)
Glad to see you have quite the stuff going on and pretty cool for you to share this with us! :D

... and now I understand why you bought a new PS3, good idea I guess ;)

And I am happy for happy Happy :D