themasterll (themasterll) wrote,

LL& Happy Update!

Yea, people been asking me about Happy (the puppy we found behind our work building).
Here's the update!

Spayed.. not too happy.


A week later.. very happy!

Sorry for bad quality pictures.. that's what happens when you have an old school cell phone.

Aside from happy.. few games I'm looking forward to (or plan to play):

Ar Tonelico 3 (PS3-E): Speedrun baby!
Dynasty Warrior 7 (PS3-E): I hope it has JP audio and can play with JP players (I wanna play with my friend!)
Parasite Eve (PSN-E): Lost my PS1 cd long ago.. loved this game!
Catherine (PS3-E): WTF LL! Didn't you play the JP already? Yea.. so?
Tales of Graces F (PS3-E): WTF LL! Didn't you play the JP already too? Yea.. so?

That's all I can think for now.. see ya next time whenever.
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