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MK-II Villians & Info!

Some new info on the new villians!


Magic the Hard
The ability to steal the Goddess' powers.. hot evil loli looking villian.. leader of the group probably. Has the same VA as Magiquone and she does look like her somewhat (but younger loli version.. I guess).

Trick the Hard
Born from the hatred of gamers who failed to beat the game due to difficulty.

Brave the Hard
Born from the poor who wants to play games but can't afford it.

Judge the Hard
Born from the hatred of failed game creators.

Also there's new characters that represents dead companies (the character themselves have zombie "marks").

The second one is Data East Corporation lol.


Inafune (co-creator of Rockman/Megaman)!

Bottom right corner is Dengeki-chan!
Does this mean Famitsu-chan may appear too?!

With all these new information like this... you can tell the idea and concept alone for Chou Jigen Neptune MK-II is freaking epic!

And you know LL will be importing it for sure!

NOTE: Info provided is from multiple sources (like Dengeki) but information should be assumed as unofficial until it is officially stated by CH.
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