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31 May 2011 @ 01:38 am
PC Update #03 5-31-11 1AM  
Another update.. wow this is as slow as Sony trying to get PSN back up...

{ Arietta ~ 35% Completed }
Rebuilding ~ DONE [100%]
Data Control ~ In Progress Still... [Unknown %]
Finalization ~ TBA

  • Still trying to get RAID1 going

{ Alice ~ 45% Completed }
Building ~ DONE [100%]
Data Control ~ In Progress [75% Completed]
Finalization ~ TBA

  • Got all software (minus printer drivers) installed, everything looks great.
  • SSD tweaks and configuration is pretty much done (aside from maybe one or two tweaks)
  • Soon to be double checking data is secured on my Media Drive (in RAID1), after that Data Control is done and can start Quality Assurance testing!
  • Did a long Starcraft 2 live-stream to see how it went, looks like all my viewers said it was great.

Will probably try to test-run PS2 streaming today...