Chou Jigen Neptune Mk-II is coming!

You know what this mean! This time is handheld consoles!

Purple Heart's sister: Nepgear

White Heart's twin sisters: Rom & Ram

and last.. my Noire's sister: Uni!

Uni looks so much like Noire eh?! ♥

Importing soon from LL (probably)!


So first we have Lucky.. then Happy showed up at my work place.

Now... we got 3 kittens! Wow.. what's with this, must be LL's Benevolence aura :p



Only thing I have to question is.. why are two of them pure white and the 3rd one pure black?

LL& Happy Update!

Yea, people been asking me about Happy (the puppy we found behind our work building).
Here's the update!

Spayed.. not too happy.


A week later.. very happy!

Sorry for bad quality pictures.. that's what happens when you have an old school cell phone.

Aside from happy.. few games I'm looking forward to (or plan to play):

Ar Tonelico 3 (PS3-E): Speedrun baby!
Dynasty Warrior 7 (PS3-E): I hope it has JP audio and can play with JP players (I wanna play with my friend!)
Parasite Eve (PSN-E): Lost my PS1 cd long ago.. loved this game!
Catherine (PS3-E): WTF LL! Didn't you play the JP already? Yea.. so?
Tales of Graces F (PS3-E): WTF LL! Didn't you play the JP already too? Yea.. so?

That's all I can think for now.. see ya next time whenever.

What a month...

Wow lots of stuff happened this month, its crazy.. and with this week coming, its even more crazier!

First, I met Janice I knew since middle school in Sugar Land (had a crush too) who came back from New York for a while. Talked to her for a while, tried to ask her out for lunch or dinner but she was too busy (hence the purpose of her coming back to Houston).

What's surprising is that I still got a crush on her after over 10 years since our Class of 97 graduation. Wished I was able to get her know more, but sadly she wasn't able to stay too long and is probably back in New York by now.

Funny though, while I know lots of girls, its rare for me to actually be really interested in one (in terms of serious relationship)... and she was the first too.

And no, she isn't married yet.

Lots of money spent this month too.. bleh.. get my car fixed, bills, paying for stuff for work.. lots of games...

Speaking of games... wow.. today (after I get home from work) Marvel vs Capcom 3 marathon! Wednesday, Neptune Marathon! Thursday.. the game we all been waiting for... CATHERINE!

Got me a new PS3 360gig one! My old one is out of hdrive space 10gig out of 60gig left.. so I figured I get a new PS3. Yes, I know I could've swap my hard-drive but there is a good reason!

Now I can use my old PS3 for my downstairs TV as a blu-ray/dvd/Netflix console!

Last, Happy (the puppy) is really... uh.. Happy. She loves jumping around and licking people. Hates to be alone or she'll start crying. Happy got spayed too (but it doesn't seem to affect her happiness for us).

Cherialicious! Tales of Graces F got!

Got ToGF, nice art-sketch book too! (edit: Gah I thought it was.. but after opening it .. its a dvd with the promo code for the pre-order lol)

Streaming the game at noon (12:00 GMT-6)!

PS- Lame Avex having my audio disabled for the intro...

LL vs Death : Saving One Puppy at a Time

This puppy was found behind the building of my job.. was there for 3 days straight and never knew.

If it was any longer, she would've died for sure.

10 month old female puppy...
no contagious skin disease luckily but lots of mites and fleas.

Took her to vet and they said she was lucky she was found.

Not sure how she ended up like this (damn the person who abandoned or abused her).. but due to the lack of fur and having pretty much rough & cracked skin, she bleeds a lot everywhere.

At least now, Day #3, she is actually active now and really happy (loves to stay near me and want me to pet her a lot).




Can't wait to see how she improves in a month (vet's estimated recovery date)... she be much better looking with fur!

PS - Her name is Lucky.. which irony she is Lucky being found.

LL's Kinect First Impression

Just my first personal impression when I witness and tried out Microsoft's X360 Kinect at Best Buy today (when I went to buy Scott Pilgrim vs The World... loved the movie too)!

First off, before I talk about my experience.. I was wearing a jacket with a hood.. and you know how Microsoft says not to wear too many clothes... well here's what happened.

I. Getting Kinect to Recognize LL
To get the Kinect to "scan and detect you", all you do is just wave at it.
Yup that's it! You just stand and wave, and it detected my whole body and motion pretty quickly (after it tells you to wave your hand to the left and right a few times).

After that, you'll see yourself in a small silhouette at the bottom right corner in a small box. Obviously, you can tell I'm wearing a heavy jacket with a hood since that's exactly how it is resembled in the silhouette.

II. Trying out the X360 UI with Kinect
After that, I decided to try messing around with that X360 menus and blades UI (whatever its called).

It was AWESOME! It felt like the future, like you see in movies, where people use their hand(s) to switch pages or choose something.

Basically I just wave my hand (depending on the direction) and it'll switch page or whatever.

Putting my hand on, let's say, Achievement will open up the Achievement menu showing all the Achievements that is saved in that X360.

It seems to be two ways for it to detect if you choose:
1- Keep your hand for 2-3 seconds and it'll know you choose that icon/menu/button.
2- Do like a small wax-on hand-movement and it'll know you chose that.

Only game they had was some aerobic and dance game.. which there was no way in hell I would attempt especially in a place like Best Buy.

III. First Impressions
Considering the short amount of time I spent with Kinect, it was pretty cool.
I loved how it felt like the future since you use your hands to fully control the menu (very accurately too).

The silhouette of myself at the bottom shows exactly the motions I do and stuff too which is pretty cool since it is pretty much like a camera.

Too bad I didn't have a chance to test any games though.. would be fun to see how accurate Kinect is for games.

Overall, it isn't bad at all.. but I wouldn't get it just because of this "cool factor" until something big happens which would make me want to get one.

Fyuria is my waifu!

Special thanks to RVlast who persuaded me to try out the game..
so here I go!

Sunday around noon to 1pm (Central Time), the beginning of Record of Agarest War.

My plan is simple.. first playthrough I'll just wing it through.. second playthrough I'll aim for True End.

Only remaining question (since this is an IF! CH game):

- Normal or Hard mode? (basically depend on how NG+ Item/Equip transfer works)

Great way to spend time since there is no new games I'm interested in playing (and importing) until....

- World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (PC-EN)
- Tales of Graces F (PS3-JP Import)

- Catherine (PS3-JP Import)